DevFest Berlin supports diversity in technology

We recognize the current status of our industry and we want to change it.

Our goal is to enable everybody to learn and teach programming. As such, we want to enable underrepresented groups in technology to feel welcomed and help increase the diversity in technology and science.

To this end, we have have a couple of ways to support our mission:

  • we will have a number of tickets for which only underrepresented groups can apply
  • we will have a mentorship program for new developers, apply to our mentorship program as a mentee or as a mentor
Mentorship Program

The mentorship program will pair an awardee with a developer mentor to help familiarize the awardee with the conference. We believe creating a dialogue between developers at different levels will yield a great value both to the mentor and the awardee and hope everyone will have a great opportunity to learn from it.

Diversity Tickets

Our diversity program is aimed to help underrepresented groups in tech to attend and lowering the barriers for them. This includes but isn’t limited to: women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and disabled people.

This year’s diversity tickets have been awared already. If you could not get one we hope to see you next year!