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Google's services have become synonymous with simple things online. Number of technological innovations and IT industries in which Google is creating new products is enormous. It's hard to get to know all of them, but realistic. This is why people have started to gather in small local groups and share their experience. Later, the following groups have been called Google Developer Groups. GDGs can take many forms -- from just a few people getting together to watch some videos, to large gatherings with demos, tech talks, hackathons and conferences.


Stefan Hoth

GDG Berlin

Hasan Hosgel

GDG Berlin Android

Mario Bodemann

GDG Berlin Android


GDG Berlin Android

Natalie Pistunovich

GDG Berlin Golang, Women Tech Makers

Miquel Beltran

GDG Berlin Women Tech Makers

Nebojsa Bozic

Software Engineer

Karolina Kafel

GDG Berlin Android, GDG Berlin Women Tech Makers

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